Connected Agile

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Agile software development has been increasing in popularity over the past years and for good reason. Agile development allows enterprises to prioritize the highest priority features of a program to ensure that the most important features are completed on-time and of the highest quality. In fact, 93% of IT and QA/Testing leaders have adopted this agile approach and over 45% of enterprises use it today.

Despite this growing adoption, obstacles still remain. The largest of these obstacles is integration. HP has created a portfolio of apps designed to better integrate this process for key players such as:

  • Business Leaders – Better visibility and control into what the development teams are working on.
  • IT Department – Faster delivery and easier tracking of projects.
  • Development, Testing and QA – Integration of favorite IDEs and to do lists.

To learn how HP can make your enterprise more connected to your agile processes, download this infographic today!