Smarter Products, Smarter Software Delivery


The amount and complexity of software embedded in products is increasing rapidly. Smarter systems offer new capabilities and market opportunities. They also place new demands on the product development process. Software teams must respond accordingly. They need to implement cutting-edge new approaches that support effective product delivery.

IBM helps software development organizations incrementally deploy new processes and tools while measuring their effectiveness. We have published a white paper, Accelerating Innovation that offers fresh new approaches to software development for smarter products. This paper reveals:

  • A frustrating limitation of traditional embedded development approaches
  • A proven platform that integrates a set of tools and best practices to help you manage the development of today’s smarter systems
  • A critical flaw you want to avoid when making changes to your software delivery process

Accelerating Innovation can help you define and address the software-related product delivery challenges you face. Access your free copy today!